Why Won’t This Thing Drive Straight?

When I first drove my RV I thought, this thing is going to drive like a Cadillac for what we paid for it.Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. Driving it home from the dealership it was all I could do to keep it going straight down the road. I just blamed my inexperience in driving these big rigs and figured I would just get used to it.

Our first real trip in the RV was a short but educational one. After a couple of hours of driving I realized it’s not me it’s this damn RV. At first I thought, oh no whats broke or not working right. I was exhausted just from driving and moving my hands back and forth on the steering wheel to keep between the lines, and don’t get me started about when a semi passed us.

After returning home from our trip I went straight to the RV blogs to see if other people have had this problem. After hours of reading I found this thing called a steering stabilizer. Apparently it is a mandatory investment for your RV. It’s basically a shock absorber for your steering arm. It’s sole purpose is to keep your front wheels heading straights down the road.

I purchased a Road Master Steering stabilizer from my old friend Camping World. I brought it home and installed it myself in about an hour. It was a matter of tightening 6 bolts. You also need to adjust it on your steering arm so your RV doesn’t drift. I eyed it the best I could and bolted it on. After my first trip with it I was shocked how much better my RV drove, it was amazing. This is what I expected it to be like when I first bought it. I did have to make a small adjustment during the first stop on our trip, but other than that it performed flawlessly. Why on earth RV manufacturers do not put these on at the factory is beyond me. Not only does it make your RV easier to drive, but it make it safer. If you’ve ever experienced a front tire blow out, your RV want to pull to the low tire side and could cause a roll over. The steering stabilizer helps your wheels stay straight even in a blow out, it could be a life saving device.

I could go on and on about my Road Master Steering stabilizer, but I’m sure you have better things to do then read my ramblings. For more information I have attached a link below in case your interested in reading more, and if you don’t have one get one now.

*Helpful tip: When adjusting your steering stabilizer I found an easy way to get it right is when driving on a somewhat level road have your copilot place a piece of tape on the steering wheel, when your RV is going nice and straight place a matching piece of tape on the steering column. That way when you go to adjust it all you have to do is line up the two pieces of tape and your good.



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