Water Heater Upgrade

After living in our RV full-time for the first winter, we quickly learned what a precious resource propane is. Unfortunately refilling your propane tank on your RV is not as easy as just calling your local propane company to come fill it up. As you know it involves unhooking everything packing up and driving to your local distributor for a fill up. Sure you can purchase an external tank, but still there is the added cost of the tank itself, and purchasing propane which especially in the winter can be a big cost.

We started to look at what we could do to limit the amount of propane we used. We relied mostly on space heaters for warmth only running our furnace to keep our gray and black tanks from freezing and cooking on an electric grill and in the crock-pot. Still we were running out fast. We decided the culprit must be our water heater. It ran constantly it seemed even when we were not using hot water. When in colder climates your poor water heater has to battle the cold just to keep the water at temperature so it’s always ready for you.

Our water heater was only able to operate on propane and did not have the option to run on electricity. So I starting doing research on upgrading our heater, I don’t know if you’ve checked the price on a new water heater, but that was defiantly not an option. Eventually I stumbled across a little device called Hott Rod. After reading some reviews I ordered it from Camping World. When it arrived it was just a rod that screwed right into your drain of you heater, a thermostat that you just stick on your tank and a 110 plug.

I thought well looks simple enough lets try it. The install took maybe a hour, and went very easy, I thought maybe too easy. When I plugged it in I could only wait and see if my efforts would pay off. I turned off the propane to my water heater and crossed my fingers. To my surprise within about 30 minutes, I had hot water without using my precious propane.

We have been using our Hott Rod for almost a year now without any trouble at all. It is definitely one of the best accessories I have purchased for our RV. I highly recommend it for anyone with a propane only water heater you will not regret it. Our Hott Rod has paid for it’s self over and over in the amount of propane and headaches it has saved us.

For more info about the Hott Rod please click the picture below, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you.


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