Road Side Assistance

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Any RV’er should have a good road side assistance plan, trust me they are worth their weight in gold. If you ever break down and need a tow it could cost you up to $2400.00 if your driving a Class A. It’s not like Jim Bob’s towing can just come get you in their pick-up truck, most RV’s require a heavy lift wrecker to get your RV to safety.

After reading about all the different plans and companies which provide road side assistance I decided on Good Sam. We have always used AAA in the past, but after reading some of other’s horror stories I decided to go with a company that works specifically with RVs. I read about people waiting hours on the side of a busy highway only when help arrives they did not bring the proper equipment for the type of RV they were driving, or the company that shows up knows nothing about RVs.

We have had Good Sam for a year now and have used it twice. The first time we used it more than paid for it’s self. We just got our Class A RV and noticed both inside rear tires were low prior to heading out on our first trip. I thought no problem I’ll just air them up. Nope not quite that easy. At the time we didn’t have valve stem extenders, (another item I highly recommend) and the only way to air up the inside tires was to remove the outside wheels first. Being that I didn’t have a 26,000 pound jack, I called Good Sam. Within 45 minutes a tow company arrived in my driveway to air up my tires. They removed and rotated my tires along with airing them all up. The total cost was over $400.00. I only had to pay $80.00 of it. Not only did Good Sam get somebody out there, but they text me the information of the company which was coming out, and followed up with me to ensure they arrived. Then again to make sure everything was taken care of. Great customer service.

Good Sam also covers all your vehicles in your family including any trailers towed behind your RV. Again I had to call them when the tire on our car dolly blew. They took care of all the cost and getting help to the side of the road without fail. Having Good Sam gives me the peace of mind when traveling across the country that if something goes wrong, help is just a phone call away.

For more info please click the banner below.

 Good Sam Roadside Assistance


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