Unpredictable reactions from family members can be expected when you tell them you are giving up the American dream of owning a house and working 40 hours per week until you are 65 years old for the same predictable company. This is a concept that many are raised to strive to achieve. It is difficult for most people to understand the appeal of any other lifestyle.

We were anxious about telling family we were casting aside most possessions and embracing a non-traditional lifestyle. Breaking the news of our decision to fulltime to family and friends was met with different reactions. Family gave us raised eyebrows and the question of “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Friends gave us smiles and the exclamation of “I wish I could do that!”

No reaction compares to the epic emotional struggle expressed by our RV life partners, Mingo and Ellie, when the news was broken to them that they were along for the ride.



Mingo And Ellie React to the News of RV Living

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